Deckers PWS is an independent, powerful and ambitious organisation with everything an entrepreneur needs nowadays. An organisation with experience in advising and supporting all kind of different sectors and industries for small and middle sized companies. But above all we are an accounting firm with an eye for your company, industry and future plans. Together we will build a healthy financial basis and company structure that can handle everything.

Accountant services

The accountants of Deckers PWS help you look backwards and forwards. We don’t just set the numbers, we judge them critically. After all, you gain the most from honest and clear advice. How well is your company doing? Where are the chances and where are the pitfalls? What could go better or more efficient? Together we make sure your company is and stays healthy. Now and in the future.

The accountant services we offer:

  • Putting together, judging and checking the annual financial statements.
  • Delivering audit reports.
  • Writing and judging forecasts.
  • Making intermediate reports.
  • Arrange and take care of automated financial and salary administrations.
  • Giving advice about and helping with your administrative organisation and internal check up.
  • Advising about and helping with financial questions and business economical issues.
Belastingadvies & fiscale dienstverlening | Deckers PWS
Personeel- en salarisadministratie | Deckers PWS

Tax advice & services

As an entrepreneur with a small to middle sized company tax plays an important role within your company. That’s why we started a tax department which will help you save on taxes and that can advise you within the gigantic amounts of laws and regulations surrounding taxes in the Netherlands and possibly abroad.

We take care of your complete taxes and optimize your fiscal position. We also help you during tax controls and gladly defend your fiscal interests.

We also decide the fiscal structure for you and effectuate any possible restructuring. Business succession, estate planning and other complex fiscal advice is also possible. It’s important for you to know that because of a society that asks for more regulation we also have lawyers which can help you with any legal issues. Good contracts will only become more important, because of the ever watchful government and the developments in Europe.

SME business advice

Every entrepreneur will at some point face a radical challenge like restructuring or the sale of the company or organisation. The advisers of Deckers PWS advise you on all the plans you want to realize. Often an expert approach to your situation is needed to limit risks and maximize results.

Included with our business advice is support and advice about:

  • Buying or selling a company.
  • Business Successions.
  • Business takeovers.
  • Business reorganization.
  • Starting a B.V.
  • Threatening bankruptcy.
  • Merger.
  • Restructuring.
  • Liquidation of a B.V.
Hier stond een foto | Deckers PWS
Hier stond een foto | Deckers PWS

Personnel and salary administration

You can make use of the salary administration of Deckers PWS if for example: Your organisation is too small for your own salary administration. Or maybe none of your employees have the skill and knowledge to do it for you. Or maybe you just want to focus on core activities only. Whatever the reason; our salary administration services include the complete P & O area.

By customizing our services completely to your company and possibly to the CBA, our specialists are able to do your complete salary administration. Within our software we are able to build the needed models so the output connects with the demands of your industries organisation. Because especially the exactness, completeness and timing of supplying are a big risk, supplying and monitoring the processing form 95% of the quality of the output.

Of course we keep up with any changes in social and tax law in an adequate manner.